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BlendedRacer 06-28-2004 09:17 PM

Dumb Newbie - lost linux partition + BIOS problem?

:newbie: alert!


Ive got a 30 gig master (hda) drive with win98 on it and a 4 gig slave (hdb) with linux (mdk 10).

I bought a 80 gig drive so could reinstall win98 on it and re-install linux onto the 30 gig one. However the BIOS in my 433 Celeron dinosaur wouldn't recognise the 80 gig drive :mad:, so I've reinstalled win98 on the 30 gig and am arranging to swap the 80 gig for a 40 gig which hopefully will work.

I'd put a BIOS password on after my 6 year old son got into the BIOS , BUT when trying to add the new drive I couldn't remember the password (or where I'd written it down :o) Duh! I killed my bios and reset the processor speed, but couldn't remember what else to modify.

After I couldn't get BIOS to autodetect the 80 gig drive, I put everything back to normal. with win98 on the hda and linux on hdb.

When checking linux, I found that Xwindows wouldn't start - due to (I think) a changed setting in the bios.

To compound my stupidity, I went ahead and re-installed win98 on hda (wasn't that fun - NOT) - without making a mandrake boot disk!!!

Now I have no access to linux, as the win98 install over wrote LILO!

I backed up all the rpms and tar.gz files I had on linux ready for a re-install, except one critical file.

My Problem:

I can't access my linux partition and I have a mis-configured BIOS setting in the graphics handling :confused:.

My Questions :scratch::

In Award BIOS settings, does anyone generally change any values from their defaults (excepting the processor speed)?

How can I get access to my linux partition to backup the high score list for crack attack (solo) - my wife have the top spot and she'll kill me if I lose that high score list!!! - will a knoppix CD see my ext partitions from another linux install?

Cheers Stephen

PS I didn't take the "sit on your hands and think about the command three times" advice!

DropSig 06-28-2004 09:35 PM

I ain'nt an expert but a newbie that is getting is way around pretty well. so well here it is:
Here a few thing taht may help.
1) if you KNOW your linux setup and have a linux cd, you should be able to boot your linux OPSYS with it.
2) you May have to reinstall the bootloader and/or LILO(Someone correct me if i'm wrong) I think win#@$# will hide anything else bu itslef from you( somewhat)
3) look at:
look at the distribution, there is a few mini distribrution that are made for situation like this
hope this helps.....

do you see lilo when you boot or does it goes straight to win.

michaelk 06-28-2004 10:23 PM

You can boot using the 1st install CD to rescue mode and restore the bootloader. You should be able to access all of the partitions on the drive.

Your BIOS might only work with <=32 GB hard drives. The MB manufacture might have an upgrade for larger hard drives.

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