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Lost_linux_Noob 10-07-2003 01:56 AM

Duel boot??
i am just wondering if linux redhat 9 is duel bootable with Windows 98 se?????... if so how do i do it???? i made boot disk .... but no where in there did it say any thing about duel boot.... iam lost....

slakmagik 10-07-2003 02:16 AM

If you made a Linux boot disk and didn't install LILO or grub, Windows should still boot automatically and you'd use the disk to boot Linux. If you did install either of those, 'man lilo' or 'man grub' will give you answers. I don't know grub but, for LILO, edit /etc/lilo.conf to include

other = /dev/hda1
label = NT
table = /dev/hda

but substitute the correct place for where Win98 lives and whatever name you'd like for it. Then do '/sbin/lilo' and it should say 'Adding RH; adding Windows'. Reboot and you should have a menu to choose from. May need to edit other aspects of lilo.conf, of course, but that should get you started if it doesn't do the whole thing.

Lost_linux_Noob 10-07-2003 06:29 AM

that sounds a little well.... hard to do..... i went online and looked at other forms about people asking the same questions.... they said use partionmagic ..... it made a partison around the files that were there.... and quiet painlessly.... from there i figured every thing out... .. thanks any way... but maby you could help me with somthing else.... after i did all that i relized that i dident have a swap dirve for redhat.... so i had a 1Gig hard dirve that i wesent using so i put the 1 Gig in the computer.... and it was all formated as a swap drive... but how ... and what do i use it for?????....... P.S ... sorry to waste your time....

slakmagik 10-07-2003 07:50 AM

Oh. I thought you had the two OSes all ready to go and just wanted to know how to boot them. Glad you got it worked out.

1 gig of swap? That's a bunch. :) You don't use it directly - whenever the system or apps need it, they'll write information out of RAM and onto the swap drive. It's basically temp and nothing to worry with. However, if it's all formatted and ready to go, you'll need to do 'swapon' at a terminal or xterm. Then add it to /etc/fstab

/dev/hda6 swap swap defaults 0 0

although for you it's probably /dev/hdb1. I think that'll do it. But maybe you've already done that - in which case, just don't worry about it. Do 'free' and you should see a line showing a gig of swap.

Usually it's just a swap partition rather than a whole drive and half a gig should be more than enough - I never really use any at all. So if you wanted, you could split it and have some free space for whatever. But having too much won't hurt anything.

Lost_linux_Noob 10-07-2003 03:33 PM

oh ... i always thought the swap drive was for transfering files from linux to Windows.... lol... well thats why i am a noob... lol.... any way when i do what you said... /dev/hdb1 says "permission denied"... but i am logged in as root ...

Lost_linux_Noob 10-07-2003 05:27 PM

also.. is there a way to load redhat with out the GUI ???
just the command prompt??

slakmagik 10-08-2003 03:41 AM

Swap drive to swap files from one system to the other, huh? *g* Makes sense. But, yeah, it's just for swapping in and out of RAM. As far as files between systems, Windows can't see Linux but, as long as support is in the kernel, Linux can read and write fat/9x systems and read NTFS/NT systems. So you only need a shared partition formatted as FAT if you have Windows on NTFS and want Windows to be able to see certain files and Linux to be able to write to the same ones.

As far as the GUI, I'm not sure how RH works. In Slack, there's /etc/inittab and the line


controls that. Set it to three and you've got CLI by default. I think that's the same in every distro, though everything else differs. *g*

As far as '/dev/hdb1 says' which specific command caused that? That's bizarre. If you're root, nothing in this should be denied.

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