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Kangaroo Rat 09-10-2005 11:08 PM

Dual Head Problem
Alright, keep in mind that I am a Linux newbie... bear with me.

I'm running FC4 and all is well, except that I have two monitors in front of me, and only one of them is working.

I have 2 Video Cards, an nVIDIA Geforce FX 5500 in the AGP slot and a really, really crappy S3 Virge in a PCI slot. I had some issues when I first got it up on Windows, and in the end the only way that I could make it work correctly was to have it boot off of the S3 first and then the FX5500.

So now that I'm on Linux, true to form it boots off of the S3 since it is set that way... I go into the Display Settings and select "Use Dual Head" and all the other criteria that need to be filled out. It tells me to restart, I do faithfully... nothing. I attempted to boot off of the FX5500 but it wouldn't run, came up with an error.

So at this point I need to figure out a few things. What is wrong with the Dual Head? How do I install the nVIDIA driver/nView? Any advice for Dual Heads?

pinknick 09-11-2005 12:50 PM


First of all try to set it up in
Menu Start -> Environment ->SystemSettings ->Display (this will require from you root password)

In the application there is Dual Head tab but be sure first that all devices you would like to use are correctly set up in other tabs.

If you can't do it with this application - let me know why and post results from the following commands:

cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf

All the best;

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