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nixdisciple 02-07-2002 06:32 AM

dual-booting red hat 7.2 and windows 2000 professional using NTLOADER
I recently discovered a means of using the NTLOADER to boot my red hat 7.2 along with windows 2000 professional the only problem with all this is that. i'm unable to find the boot.ini file I believe they changed the name of it to something else since it is required that I add the following line to it. (C:\linux_bs.bin="Red Hat Linux"). After copying the boot sector of my linux installation using the command

# dd if=/dev/hda2 bs=512 count=1 of=linux_bs.bin command allows you to copy the first 512 bytes from the /dev/hda2 to a file callled linux_bs.bin.

I was able to mount and mcopy the file to a blank ms dos floppy the only problem now is what file must i edit so i can add the line needed for NTLOADER to boot red hat?

Mik 02-07-2002 08:23 AM

It's usually a hidden file so try running:

attrib -h -s c:\boot.ini
edit boot.ini

and then reset it with:
attrib +h +s c:\boot.ini

nixdisciple 02-07-2002 09:20 AM

Thanks Mik
I got it running fine the only problem left to be resolved is the video problems I'm experiencing with my gnome.

Here is the post for it Check it out

I got a reply in the post but the only thing is what I'm curious about is does it matter which version of xfree svga I use?

Also I have dowloaded the 3.3.6 version of it but it is on my c drive within windows 2000 is there some way of accessing it from within linux to install it?

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