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cknaresh 10-28-2002 05:52 AM

Dual Booting Linux with Win 98

If i install Linux with win 98 as my primary partition,should LILO be installed in MBR.If not the system after installation automatically reboots and enters win 98 mode.How do i configure LILO to make it show both the Win 98 and Linux from windows.

Else how can i use LINUX CD to enter in RESCUE mode and change lilo.conf , if i need to change what are the changes made in lilo.conf to make it start first...

Suggestions pls ........


jglen490 10-28-2002 09:16 AM

If Win98 is on your primary bootable device and if Linux is added to that system, then a Linux bootmanager, such as Grub or Lilo, should be installed so that its boot code is loaded to the MBR of the primary hard drive. This is because Win98 has no native boot loader that can handle multiple OSes.

cknaresh 10-28-2002 10:52 AM

How To Configure LILO after installtion
Hi thanks for the suggesstion .....but when i install linux i need to make sure that LILO is not loaded in MBR so that WIN 98 partition is not deleted.

So i ask install program to load LILO in a different place other than MBR.

After installation my system gets into windows mode only,how do i configure LILO from windows.Should i use boot disk and enter into rescue mode and make changes to lilo.conf or someother ideas ?????

If changes pls mention the full steps....


purpleburple 10-29-2002 01:48 AM

I have a dual boot of win98/Linux on one harddrive. When the computer boots i can go into either OS. Installing Lilo to the MBR will not delete Windows and you can always boot with the Windows boot-disk and type fdisk /mbr at the a:> prompt.

hope this helps

annehoog 10-29-2002 06:07 AM

To clarify, installing lilo (or grub which I prefer) in to the mbr of your disk will only override the default windows bootloader not the os itself, the fdisk /mbr command restores the mbr to it's original -windows- status, which you might do in case anything goes wrong.
Best and easiest is to install lilo (grub) with linux and not afterwards. If everything goes ok the installer should find your windows disk (dos formatted) and will configure automatically.


Debianewb 10-29-2002 09:34 AM

If you're still in trouble after the replies above; mention which Linux distro you were planning to install/have installed.

For instance, I use the latest Debian-distro. When I install this using the DebCD it just asks if I want to use LILO. It can't get any ez'r... ;)

P.S.>> How did you ever came up with the idea that installing LILO on the MBR would delete windh00s? I'm also quite new to Linux, but the assumption seems a bit illogical ...captain... :P

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