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jfyeh 02-13-2004 02:27 PM

dual booting and partitions
I have a laptop with a 60 GB hd. I want to dual boot XP and Fedora Core 1. I have already allocated 16Gb as the primary partition for windows as ntfs and left the 40 GB as FAT32 as backup and data. I have never done a custom linux install. I have always done it on one HD. I know I need 3 partitions, 1 boot(100MB), 1 SWAP(2x RAM), and 1 EXT2(depending on how much I want for linux). Is this correct? Do any of those have to be in any order or part of the primary? I want to have at least 20 GB as a backup partition.

I have Win XP setup already on the primary 16GB and a formated FAT32 40 GB partitions as logical. How should I have it partitioned before I go into the setup?

I also noticed that the partition expert had an option for ReiserFS, do I need to make one of those paritions?

synaptical 02-13-2004 02:59 PM

Re: dual booting and partitions
ReiserFS is a type of filesystem, kind of like FAT32 or NTFS is to windows. it's a good choice to use, especially if you expect to write a lot of smaller files (ie., not mostly a multimedia disk, in which case use ext3).

strictly speaking you don't really need a /boot partition. you might be better off with 1 swap, 1 reiser or ext3 for /, and one reiser or ext3 for /home, which is where all your user files will go. these days, i don't really think it matters in which order you make the partitions. afaik, your system disk (/) will have to be primary, but you can do all that in the setup. 4GB total is cutting it a little close depending on what you want to install, but as long as you're not putting on there like *every* desktop and every gui tool there is, you should be okay. have fun! :)

benjithegreat98 02-13-2004 03:02 PM

I think you should have at least 6 gigs for a full install of fedora. You have the space, so you could probably go a little bigger. As long as you create some empty space on the drive, then fedora will automatically partition it for you. You just have to accept what it does. And also the partition type will be ext3. I would recommend you put the empty space between your windows and data partition. That is what I do. They do not have to be in a primary partition. You will let linux install a boot loader in the MBR, as well. You'll probably use grub since you are installing fedora.

If you ask people on here how the best way to partition a drive is, then you will get 1001 responses. We all have our own special way to do it.

Good luck! and welcome to LQ

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