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Phillip Hess 04-19-2001 02:29 PM

I have never used Linux, I have alwasys been a Microsoft Guy. Now before anyone shoots me for that, I would like to learn Linux because there has got to be a better way then Microsoft. I have downloaded the latest kernal I think it's 2.4.3. I have know idea what to do from here. I have a second hard drive in my system I would like to dual boot with Windows 2000 but I don't know how to install Linux. Any would help would be great.


hextex 04-19-2001 03:30 PM

Download or buy a copy or Linux, which I am sure you already have. After you have done this. Insert the CD, they are bootable. When it comes up, hit ENTER TO install(usually) and go through the setup. The partitions are the hardest part of install. Make sure you have the / and a linux SWAP. You cannot click next, until you have these right so...dont worry about screwing it up. You will also need to have a HARDWARE modem. Not a winmodem the size of a cracker. After you get the partitions set, you should be ready to install.It will ask you to make a boot disk, make sure you do this!! Do not skip this step. When you get it installed restart it, with the boot disk in. Let it load, login, and type: startx to go to KDE or GNOME, which ever one you installed.

Hope this helped!

Phillip Hess 04-19-2001 05:13 PM

I have downloaded the kernal it's not on a CD it's just on my harddrive. Do I need to burn it to a CD or do you create disketts and load the image that way. I've looked at some of the other threads and I am interested in Mandrake I went to the site but have know idea what or where to go to down load Linux.

hextex 04-19-2001 08:10 PM

I just downloaded the Redhat 7.0 ISO, its two files of around 600MB each. Burn to them to, two CD's and let it autorun in DOS.

trickykid 04-20-2001 07:14 AM

Well, first off, you can't download and install the Linux kernel without having Linux, unless you are very good at programming.
If you have a fast connection and a burner, try this site,, you can download any cd image of almost any of the linux distro's out there.
You can also try, they will ship you a linux distro for free or give you a copy.

Copenhagen Cowboy 04-20-2001 09:19 AM

You can also go to and get links to sites of the distros, including some not as well known as redhat and mandrake.

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Phillip Hess 04-20-2001 04:16 PM

Okay I have downloaded Red Hat 7.1 iso. I used Adaptec CD creator and burned it to a CD. IT WILL NOT BOOT... The only file on the CD is the iso file. Does the iso file need to be extracted or something before it's burnt on to the CD?? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help

trickykid 04-20-2001 04:40 PM

In the adaptec software, you have to specify that it is a ISO file, if not, you waste cd-r's. I can't remember what option or menu it is under but you will see an option for iso file image.

hextex 04-21-2001 07:42 PM

You cant burn it with just any software. Some software thinks that it is a "track" for a music CD. So you will need to convert it. I use FireBurner. You can download it at Works well, and is very small!

billsabub 04-21-2001 09:36 PM

Once you've got a good copy...
Print this page to have with you during your installation:

And check this page prior to your installation:

Since RH7.1 already has a 2.4.x kernel with it, you shouldn't need to compile and install the 2.4.3 kernel that you downloaded, unless there is a very specific reason that you need it over, say, 2.4.1. But if you do:

Will tell you everything you need to know.


Phillip Hess 04-23-2001 08:33 AM

Thank you to everyone that has given me help on this issue. I was able to get going this weekend and it works great. The thing that gor me was the burning the CD from an ISO CD image... Now I know. Thanks again. I'm sure you will be hearing from me again.


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