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anolan2108 07-13-2004 02:20 PM

Dual boot - unmountable boot volume
Hi ! - this is my first venture into Linux and I chose Suse - it installed (alongside Win XP) no problem however when I re-booted to check my Windows I get
'unmountable boot volume' (i managed to install the driver update part1 but no change and I'm sure the detail showed 'looking good')
If you can help please consider that I know NOTHING of how to do things in Linux... yet!

Thanks in advance.

(My system is DELL inspiron 8600)

darkRoom 07-13-2004 05:41 PM

Theres a few threads on this but anyway, a quick guide:

Make a boot disk in suse, if you dont know how search the forums or use 'apropos boot disk' or similar

Change bios to boot from cd and boot xp cd > recovery console
Type 'fixmbr', now you have windows and no linux.

Now change the bios to the floppy, boot suse from the floppy and reconfigure the bootloader.

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