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Photon Blizzard 10-22-2009 09:10 PM

Dual Boot Slackware 13 with FreeBSD, but Issue Dual Booting PC-BSD

Recently with the help of others I installed Slackware 13 and FreeBSD 7.2, modified the lilo.conf file to add FreeBSD, works great.

Last night I stumbled across PC-BSD and decided to install it on my 500GB drive since there was an unused 186GB out there.

Everything seemed to go just fine, no bootloader installed with PC-BSD, so I added another entry to the Slackware lilo.conf and I got an error which I will list after saying that:

Deciding that something is amiss with PC-BSD on sda4, I deleted sda3 and sda4 which leaves nothing but linux on the box.

I reinstall PC-BSD and the partition is sda3 just like the FreeBSD was and after I update lilo I still get:

Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed
Added Linux *
Warning: Device 0x0800: Inconsistent partition table, 3rd entry
CHS address in PT: 954:5:1 --> LBA (15326325)
LBA address in PT: 392162715 --> CHS (24411:0:1)
Fatal: Either FIX-TABLE or IGNORE-TABLE must be specified
If not sure, first try IGNORE-TABLE (-P ignore)

I have no clue what any of the FIX-TABLE, etc. is referencing. I went looking for man pages but nothing. The LBA 32 Warning is always there.

Please pardon my cross posting to a Linux and FreeBSD forum. :-)

Thanks for any help.


McSlack 10-22-2009 10:07 PM

I shouldn't be answering this..I'm pretty tired.

Finish your setup and ignore the error for now. Once setup completes, exit the setup program and at the root prompt type this, replacing "/dev/sda4" with your linux partition:

mkdir linux
mount /dev/sda4 /linux
lilo -C /linux/etc/lilo.conf -P ignore

This should write lilo to your MBR.

You can then reboot and you should be able to run either OS.

EDIT: I should have read your question a little better. Since you're already running linux you can just type "lilo -P ignore" after adding your BSD info. You can get rid of the LBA32 error by adding a line "lba32" (without the quotes) to your /etc/lilo.conf file.

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