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firedemon 09-20-2003 07:03 PM

dual boot
HI. A while back i dual booted XP and RH9. I messed up RH9 nvidia drivers and i want to delete the RH9 partition and kill grub. Here is what i have. 3 HDD's, Windows XP on one, a HDD with programs and such on another, and RH9 on another. How would i do this. I just want to boot up windows normally. Anyone help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Mega Man X 09-20-2003 07:08 PM

Well, if you have PQmagic, delete Linux Partitions, place a Win98 boot floppy/boot disk into your drive, boot with it and type:

fdisk/ MBR

That would erase Linux partitions and successfully clean your Master Boot Record. If you don't have PQmagic, the same could be achived with Redhat's CD 1... Although, it's sad to see that you are coming back to an inferior OS as Windows, but that's your choice :)

Good luck!

firedemon 09-21-2003 04:41 AM

Well the only reason i dont use it anymore is because the display isnt working properly with my FX 5200 video card. It was fine with the MX 420. When i do a reinstall of RH9, i cant even enter graphical mode.

bigjohn 09-21-2003 05:52 AM

Yo firedemon,

I would say that you could dig around, as I have seen lots of people having snags getting drivers sorted for the FX 5200 (an nvidia card right ?).

Have you checked their site - I'm pretty sure I have seen some reference to it, as I had to go there to get the nvidia driver for my M420 so I could install it for debian "sarge".

Failing that, have a look at knoppix - sometime ago, a friend from my LUG gave me a disc that he'd already burned.

I have had major snags getting audio cd's to play under debian (mandrake was a "piece of piss"), but as I'm "having a meddle" at the moment, I actuall posting this using mozilla, listening to "the smith's" (yeah, I know they can be a little depressing), under knoppix 3.1, straight off the cd - and honestly, the cd knoppix pisses all over the debian sarge I've got installed (though not the mandrake).

And failing that, just leave it on your system - Someone is bound to sort a driver for the FX 5200 in the near future - it might take a little installing if X won't start, but it is "doable".



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