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cyrilbritto 07-14-2003 02:21 AM

Dual Boot
How can i setup dualboot between Win2000 and Redhat Linux8.0


MasterC 07-14-2003 02:26 AM

During the install of RH 8 it will setup your dual boot for you, you shouldn't have to do more than select which one to boot. There are threads around here on editing your boot loader if you choose not to use the linux boot loader (you can use NTLDR the windoze bootloader to boot linux) but you are just as well off using the linux (rh) boot loader.


cyrilbritto 07-14-2003 04:47 AM

Dual Boot
plz give some steps with examples,

captainstorm 07-14-2003 04:54 AM

Please have a look at
All you want is just there and waitting for you:)

MasterC 07-14-2003 04:54 AM


Place your CD in your CDROM drive tray, let the installer boot up, follow the questions, answer as your needs require, and when you get to the part of installing a bootloader simply go with the default choices. 9 times out of 10, this works beautifully. Occasionally (due to choices made before this stage) there is a hiccup of sorts, but that's what the bootdisk creation section is for.

The screen you get to should look something like...: (from this page: )

You might take a look at this to help guide you through the install:


And what was I thinking earlier, pardon me:
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