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silkmaze 05-04-2004 03:00 PM

DSL Modem/Router
I am new to Linux. I have just gotten the new Suse 9.1 pro. I want to install it on a Dell Dim. 4300, 1.7GHz, hda - 80GB, hdb - 40GB. RAM - 1GB, nVidia - 128MB.

I was informed that Linksys and Netgear were good. I wanted to have a DSL Modem/Router for internet access. I have 2 other PC's, running XP and a laptop on which I also want to install linux. I would like a modem/router with WLAN capabilities.

Can anyone recommend a good one please??


archtoad6 10-24-2005 06:09 PM

The LinkSys WRT54G has been getting a lot of attention recently.

I am in the middle of a week of bad experience w/ an SMC 7004VBR. Not because of the router, but because of the rotten documentation. And it isn't primarily the writing, it's the f.... .pdf, in which I can't read the text in the screen shots. The result: I can't walk my client through the steps over the phone. And I used to like SMC, of course that was w/ the old interface... </rant>

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