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Babu Bhatt 12-06-2003 10:58 PM

About to connect RH9 to web. Go?
TIA for any help. I've just installed RH9 on a standalone Dell Dimension L600r desktop, as its only op system. It's running fine. I'm about to connect my DSL modem's CAT-5 cable to the system's only NIC interface (which RH seemed to recognize just fine, calling it Eth0, if I remember correctly from a few hours ago.)

I'm a real newbie, so I'm wondering, is there anything obvious (to you) that I'm about to screw up? Do I have a bunch of configuring to do that I don't even know about yet? (I was hoping maybe the PPPOE connection will be somewhat automagically configured by a PnP-type process--I hope I'm not pissing everyone off already.)

My ISP is SBC. I've yet to call them to see if they even 'allow' Linux to connect (maybe they don't/can't know or care what op system(s) their customers run.)

Scruff 12-07-2003 02:39 AM

Well, I know nothing at all about RH specifically, but it sounds like it should go fine since it already recognized your NIC. Do 'lsmod' to check the drivers you have loaded. You will need to access whatever internet setup util that RH uses to enter a bit of info (username, password, etc). You will also need to tell it to use PPPoE if thats what your ISP requires. If it turns out RH doesn't have a PPPoE dialer, theres a decent util here:
Good luck!

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