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SkySurfinGrl 09-03-2003 02:08 PM

downloading mod_jk
ok so newbie dosn't even begin to describe me, so any help what so ever would leave me forever in your dept. ;)

the problem: i need to download mod_jk so tomcat and apache talk to each other. i understand that. however i have NO idea what to download. i went to
but i don't know what i need to get, or once i have it, how to install it. i downloaded, but that isn't a .so file which is what i think i need. and what are .asc files. is that what i need? i'm pretty sure that i need to do more than just download it, somehow unpackage it? i am familiar with rmp's but i can't find one of those for mod_jk. i am running redhat 9 and whatever version of apache came with it. (how do i figure that out?) i read in other posts that there is some inconsistencies with newer versions of apache and mod_jk, so any advice on what to do there would be greatly appreciated. i can't tell you how much i appreciate your help! thanks! - a greatly confused newbie :)

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