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blotch 02-07-2005 11:11 AM

downloaded an empty? gif file
Hello All,

I've downloaded a Linux driver for my printer from the Oki website. It's saved on the desktop and the kde wizard finds it okay. But when I try to configure it I get a message to say that the driver is the wrong format.

The driver properties are: gif image; /root/desktop; 155B; free disk space 31gb out of 34.5gb (10% used). The driver name is ok4200pcl.ppd.gz

Does this mean, perhaps, that the file is compressed like Winzip in Windows? If it is, how do I uncompress it?

Any ideas anyone?


wolfe2554 02-07-2005 01:19 PM

alrighty see the end of the file name called gz it means it is gziped. like win zip but better. to uncompress it you will need to go to a console screen. go to the dir that the file is located in and type gunzip *.gz this will un zip all gzip files. also understand that it is rare to find a gzip file that is not a tar archive. the way that this works is a programer takes his directory of all the files nesescary for the program. then he tar's it. which means that the tar program puts all the dir in one file. but it is uncompressed. this is so when someone un tars it with the command tar -xvf *.tar it will apear in the same dir structure. then the programer gzips it and posts it. have fun.

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