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praveenk13 05-28-2009 03:44 AM

doubt regarding sar command
I have a doubt regarding sar command output.

Will there be any difference in the output if i execute the command as a root user or normal user?

The reason for my doubt is we need to do performance monitor while we are running our web application. One of my friend told we should run the sar command as a cron job from the same user where we have started the application server. The man page of sar says it monitors the system activity which means output should be same for any user

Kindly clarify my doubt

colucix 05-28-2009 03:56 AM

From the sar man page:

Note that with recent 2.6 kernels, these statistics can be retrieved only by root.
Anyway, you can give it a try, saving the output in a file using -o and comparing the results.

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