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CloudBuilder 11-14-2003 01:10 PM

Do I need 2 swap partitions?

I have a hard drive with multiple partitions.

On the first Suse 8.2
On the second RedHat 9.
On the third Suse 9

Each one has it own swap.

Somewhere I read that that is not necessary.

As far as I know, I can edit FSTAB and change the swap partition.

Am I right in my assumptions or is more involved?


trickykid 11-14-2003 01:16 PM

Nope, all distros on same machine can share swap since its just a defined space that is actually just a raw data partition, etc.

Edit each distro's fstab file to use the same partition for swap, then the other two you can create as other partitions, etc.

CloudBuilder 11-14-2003 03:09 PM

Thanks for the quick confirmation, makes things simpler to me.


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