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lnxlover 08-18-2003 02:12 AM

display problem with rh8

my linux system is rh8. the problem is that when i login the home page (or any window) appears in split up manner. i thing there is a problem with xconfiguration . my system uses intel 845 chipset . i have read in some book that if the screen behaves in this manner then it should not be allowed to run in that manner for a long time , otherwise it will effect the monitor. there is problem with the monitor when i use win 98.

how can i solve this problem..

rahulsundaram 08-18-2003 07:39 AM


its not entirely clear what you mean. i guess your display is garbled then it means that either your monitor is not supported or you have set it up incorrectly

if it displays bad in windows and linux it means that your monitor has hardware trouble

more information like monitor model number and video card may help you

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