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Haloony 01-08-2006 01:39 PM

display issues
hey Im having display issues accross the board and i was wondering if anybody could help with them. The first problem is on my toshiba tecra 8200 laptop- When i installed ubuntu onto it everything went fine, but the gui, the x windows system i guess, doesnt take up my entire screen resolution and i don't know how to change that- there are two black unnavigable borders to the right and under the gui. My second problem is with my desktop in which i originally had RH9 running, but then i decided to try daul booting it with ubuntu and i guess it went smoothly also but now when anything is supposed to run full screen, like the booting process and some games, it is cut off on the left and right. Since then ive erased the hard drive once, and now im running suse 10 and ubuntu breezy, and still same situation, any help with these two problems would be great.

anti.corp 01-08-2006 03:16 PM

Can you post your Xorg.conf or Xfree86.conf here?

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