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djgenesis 08-27-2008 10:20 AM

Display files by date (descending)
Hi all,

I have been trying to display the contents of a directory with "ls" but I can't seem to be able to sort the files by descending date order.


ls -utla
seems to be doing what I want it to do but I need the reverse of that....

djgenesis 08-27-2008 10:22 AM

Never mind... I found it:


ls -utlr
seems to do the trick

The -r switch reverses the order..

In MAN page:


-r Reverses the order of sort to get reverse alphabetic
or oldest first as appropriate.

Thank you :)

colucix 08-27-2008 10:23 AM


-r, --reverse
      reverse order while sorting

Edit: too late! ;)

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