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sivo 08-27-2003 04:33 AM

Disappearing KDE Icons
Did a search for this and couldn't come up with anything. Came up with something that sounded right on Google but it didn't fix it, something about adding Inherit=hicolor to index.desktop.

Anyway, my KDE desktop icons disappear shortly after clicking them. The thing that they are meant to start doesn't start properly either. (it shows up on the panel at the bottom, but after 'loading' for a while just disappears)

Restarting the X server brings the icons back.

I can still see the icons in Konqueror in Desktop after disappearing.


Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm running KDE 3.1. If there's anything else important that I've overlooked please shout at me :>

Another edit.. turns out it only happens when I click the 'Trash' or 'Home' buttons, not 'Debian', which is kinda confusing since they all open Konqueror? The 'Debian' one does open an HTML file rather than a directory though. The 'home' button on the panel works properly)

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