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congos 12-09-2011 09:01 AM

directories and file arrangement in bash
In the directory are files of various types, i want to arrange the files on individual directories under their type. There are three distinct types of files: 1) Text documents - files with extensions. Doc,. Txt,. Pdf, ... 2) multimedia files - with the extensions. Mpg,. Avi,. Mp3 ... 3) graphics files - with the extensions. Jpg,. Gif,. Png ... 4) All other files Files types 1-3 to move into individual directories and files of other types have to move in directories with names corresponding to the extension (you can bring them to uppercase - BAK, CPP ,...). i want the script to run with the following parameters: 1)-m path - if specified, the multimedia files will be moved to the directory PATH 2)-d PATH - specifies the path where you have to move your documents 3)-l indicates that when the file names should lead to lower case 4)-x indicates that they move to lower case file extension any ideas ??i am a newbie and im trying to learn bash scripting so i thought of this question

lithos 12-09-2011 09:09 AM

Sounds like you have your homework to do.

Post what have you done and where the specific trouble is .
At this forum members are volunteering their time and not really doing homework for others (exceptions exist :-)

so... good luck for now

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