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Goldencat 10-14-2012 04:37 PM

digital publshing - windows emulator
I'm trying to choose between Windows emulators, and MS Word compatible Linux software. I need something that allows desktop publishing such as photo editing, layout and conversion to reader formats for Kindle and others.

I do my own photos, layout, and drawings for publication. Must do so to compete as freelance writer. Have used Adobe creative suite - so pretty advanced user here.

If I do work on a Win pc, I have to be able to work on these files on the Linux netbook too - and vice versa. Free programs are preferable, since I am just learning Linux and have no idea what I really like/want by way of its programs.

Elv13 10-14-2012 05:28 PM

#1 Scribus
#2 Libre office
#3 Calligra Author
#4 Inkscape with some 3rd party scripts/ publishing extensions (export to SVG)
#5 Lyx (LaTex)

All of them will export to pdf and can then be converted in epub or your favorite format. MS Word if not a publishing software, Microsoft Publisher would be. So if you are looking for a MS word replacment, then LibreOffice is the way to go. If you are looking for layout templates and publishing features, Scribus is designed for just that. If you are looking for a "canvas" when you can write and draw, then learn inkscape. It take longer to do publishing in inkscape, but results are often awesome ( Calligra Author is newer and not as mature yet. Try it, but only after you rejected the 3 other. LaTex is a text based publishing format where you define everything in text, then export it. It work very well, but take a long time to master.

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