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Koolassjoe 07-18-2011 05:49 PM

Deleted inode referenced 83359...
Thanx in advance you guys. I have 2 issues & Im a newb.

1st. I lost my usb drives.

Im using Puppy Studio(Lucid, Full HDD install, latest ver) on a Toshiba Satellite 2805-S201... My 1st Linux treasure... Anyway...

I was recording audio thru audacity. Shutdown. L8r started and inserted a Flash drive and the icon never showed even though I used it hours prior with no issues. The drives are working fine meaning I can access the data on other devices. Now the newb... I cant find the USB info anywhere. i followed System-Status & Configure-Hardware info-Devices-USB devices and theres nothing there. The optical drive & sda1 are registered but the flash drives are not. Does it sound like my 2 USB ports are dead? My mouse & keyboard dont register either!

2nd. B4 today reboot was the only command I knew (so sad...) but I learned dmesg and tried that and dmesg reads

Ext2-fs (sda1): error: ext2_Lookup: deleted inode referenced 83359

I guess its related. can someone explain what to do here? Basically I now want to move my music but I have no working usb ports. And Its been frustrating trying to figure out what the dmesg means when today is the 1st time I opened a terminal!

chrism01 07-18-2011 06:46 PM

A dir itself is treated as a file type in *nix and is known as an inode
Each inode is uniquely identified by a number (in each partition), so you can have the same dir name in different parts of the dir tree structure.
It sounds like you've lost/deleted the relevant dir whose inode num was 83359...


Koolassjoe 07-19-2011 01:26 PM

Kool. Does that mean its going to be unfixable if I emptied the trash? or is just the link to the file gone and the file is hidden but reachable? Im guessing the file contained the USB tools. Is it an easy fix like replacing the directory? Would it be a file found on the Live CD? Any help would be appreciated!

chrism01 07-19-2011 06:14 PM

If you've deleted it and emptied the trash, I doubt it.
Also, if you don't stop using the system immediately(!), then sooner or later the disk blocks will be re-used.
In actual fact, only the inode entries are 'cleared' so the data blocks are still there, but (as above) may have been overwritten by now.
You can checkout the various 'data recovery threads' The photorec tool is popular, and you'll find a few other mentioned. Use the LQ Search at the top of this page.
You may be able to get the tools back from the LiveCD, but (TBH) I wouldn't know anything about that...

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