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gibney 03-11-2007 03:50 AM

deinstalling windows installing ubuntu
today I intend to deinstall windows xp in favour of ubuntu 6.10,
will I be able to upgrade in the same way as in windows or is the program complete with no upgrades available.
If this is the case is there a better linux for upgrading or would it be better to play with ubuntu and get used to the differences between
windows and linux distro's.

okmyx 03-11-2007 04:10 AM

Yes, you are able to upgrade Ubuntu. You can stick with the standard repositories or custom add other ones to get bleeding edge stuff like nightly releases of beryl.

gibney 03-11-2007 04:19 AM

uninstalling windows installing ubuntu
thanks very helpful reply,will enter the world of linux with

gibney 03-12-2007 03:55 AM

deinstalling windows installing ubuntu 6.10
yepesterday I wiped my hardrive of windows xp and with a clear hardive loaded ubuntu 6.10 from a downloaded cd,it took half the time windows took and with very few problems.
I reinstalled skype with skype phone working better than on xp,so I would advise anyone thinking of trying any linux distro (I will be trying as many as I can)take the jump you have nothing to lose but
thanks to every body who bothered to help me.

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