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marshen 10-28-2014 08:00 PM

Ok so I am going to be buying a MSI barebones laptop with no operating system. I want to put a Debian distro on there, but I have no idea where to begin? I have messed around with the debian distro and the kali distro from bootable usb drives using the universal usb installer but other than that, I do not know how to install a linux distro on a laptop without a operating system.

jefro 10-28-2014 08:06 PM

We will assume that you have disabled secure boot if so equipped. That may make a difference.

Getting data on your system:
Easy way tends to be for you to use a cd or dvd. Buy a cheap set or download and burn them yourself. Second may be that you can use a bit by bit program to copy the ISO file to a usb. Third to use a small media to then seek out a network location. Fourth is to remove hard drive and copy data on it using a different system. Lastly may be to pxe boot to a local resource.

So, those are your choices. Any of them sound like a place to start?

As in almost all cases, distro's offer many how-to pages. Debian is no exception.

rokytnji 10-28-2014 08:54 PM


MSI barebones laptop with no operating system
You will get more feedback if you post a link to a review of the laptop you are going to buy that also lists the specification.

frankbell 10-28-2014 09:54 PM

You install an OS to a blank hard drive exactly as you would install it under any other circumstances, except that you do not have to replace or shrink (if you are setting up dual-boot) the existing partitions. You simply partition the blank space an go.

The Debian installer should walk you right through the process.

This article has a good how-to, including a video:

Fred Caro 10-31-2014 09:35 PM

If you want EASY to install choose Mint (or the like) but if you want stability choose Debian, not that others are unstable, it is relative. Debian will ask you a fair amount of questions while you install, Mint will not. Once you have an install disk of Mint, or Debian, you can go back and try again if you choose the wrong options. If you download the iso be sure to check it with MD5SUM or the like. With WindoZe disks it might cost you a lot of money if you make mistakes.
Be sure the bare bones system's bios lets you use the traditional (legacy) boot option before you buy.


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