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B4lulu 08-26-2007 07:59 PM

Dead kernel link
When installing Ndiswrapper it says check that the

needs to be a link to the kernel. on my system however the link appears to be dead (has a little red X in the corner). Also it says i need kernel 2.6.6 but the lastest version i have is 2.6.22 do i need to update it and if so, how?

Ty in advance

I am running Fedora core 7 Kernel 2.6.22 on a compaq presario V3000 dual boot with Vista ultimate.

brownflamigo1 08-27-2007 02:24 AM

i dont have a clue about the first part of the problem, but, about the update thing, well u have a later version than the one required, and there should be no update needed. the problem lies in the first part most probably.....

B4lulu 08-27-2007 07:19 PM

ok ty for the help! :) back to the basics gonna format and reinstall fedora

nan0meter 08-27-2007 07:50 PM

You need to replace VERSION with the output of the command "uname -r". It is /lib/modules/ for me.

You can go easily to that directory by typing "cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build" note the backward thingies!

That directory contains the modules of the kernel, ndiswrapper wants to put its kernel module in there so the kernel can load it.

If you still have problems try looking for ndiswrapper in the repository by using: "yum list *ndis*". You need to have the livna repository installed which you can find here:

B4lulu 08-28-2007 11:30 PM

ok ty got that done worked perfectly for installing Ndiswrapper.

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