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Noneed Toknow 10-18-2007 10:25 AM

Database Capability vs MS SQL 2005
SORRY,I posted to the wrong forum. I reposted to the GENERAL as suggested.

I am new to Linux and I would appreciate any help supplied here.

Here is my Issue:
I have designed an application and I am looking for a database that will support said design. I have identified that MS SQL 2005 supports it with the functionality called "Extended Properties". This function allows custom properties to be added/updated/deleted at multiple levels within the database (Database/Schema/File/Column). But, this requires the use of MS products (not something I favor). I would like to find a LINUX database that supplies the same functionality. I have looked but to no avail. Any help on the available databases will be appreciated.

Once completed, I plan to make the application Open Sourced.

I would rather develop in LINUX, the operating system of the future.
Thanks in advance.

lugoteehalt 10-18-2007 11:23 AM

Dunno about the technical stuff but MySQL claims to be the most widely used and fastest database thing in the forest. Should think it'll probably do most things.

chrism01 10-19-2007 01:36 AM

Well, Linux supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle, possibly more, although Oracle is not certified on all distros.
Unfortunately, I don't know MS products, so you'll have to research those DBs yourself.

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