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darkstate 07-05-2005 07:59 AM

data dump program help
I'm a 2 week old linux newbie so be gentle :)
I'm a win2k user and i'll be using examples from that use
With win2k i 1st of all i put all my programs on,then upd8 everything, then do an imagine straight onto a dvd using ghost on a 4.7 dvd-r, very easy no rough stuff here..
What i want to know is there a program like that for suse 9.3?
is there an instructional diagram i could follow thats easy for me to follow,i've read on here the threads on how to do an image from 1 server to another but nothing about doing an image straight to a dvd on the same machine like norton ghost does on windows..
any help would be appreciated
if possible is there any chance that program could be installed like windows where you just double click and press install?dont laugh to hard now :)
cheers people and keep up the good work on the forum,i like what i see so far,just a little bit difficult weening myself off windows..HAPPY BIRTHDAY LQ AS WELL

phonecian 07-06-2005 05:43 PM

I could be wrong about this, its a while since I used Ghost ... but if you have created a Ghost floppy under Win2k that is configured to find the DVD drive on your machine, couldnt you use that to create a disk image. The floppy doesnt care what OS is on your hard disk, its only data.

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