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d0gdre8mz 03-02-2010 07:57 AM

cricket broadband is down after installing wicd(?) network manager
hello-i have a dell insp 1545 windows7-ubuntu9.10 dual boot. the linux os would not activate the wireless network function in the network manager (but the cricket broadband was being detected and was in fact active). well, i did a little looking around and found another network mgr (wicd?, i think it's called... or something like that) and installed it. IT is working, but now the cricket broadband is down, which is my mainstay internet connection right now. i'm thinking that maybe it's got something to do w/the function but that's just a wild guess. and even if the guess is right, i don't know how to go about resolving that anyway. any ideas?

Hangdog42 03-04-2010 06:58 AM

I think we're going to need to start a little further back and figure out what is and is not working. It is HIGHLY unlikely that wicd could affect your broadband connection like that. So lets establish a few things:

- Does broadband work under Windows?
-Is wireless your only connection or can you also have a wired connection?
-Do you know what kind of wireless card you have? In particular we need the chipset. If you don't know, open a console and run lspci and see if your wireless card is listed.
- if you can, please post the outputs of iwconfig and ifconfig.

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