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prabush5 01-17-2009 01:38 AM

crc error system halted
crc error system halted

prabush5 01-17-2009 01:39 AM


Originally Posted by prabush5 (Post 3411683)
crc error system halted

pls tell me the answer

salasi 01-17-2009 06:08 AM

OK, but are you prepared to give more of a hint about the question?

knudfl 01-17-2009 10:52 AM

Welcome to Linux Questions.

salasi 01-19-2009 08:28 AM

Technically, nothing you have written so far is a question. so, it is unlclear whether a replying to your post:

crc error system halted


You have probably had a Cyclic Redundancy Check error, that has been detected, and the system has been halted to protect you against (further) damage"
would be one that would help you. If such an answer (to what is guessed as the question) does help in some way, there will be a very limited extent to which you can be helped further.

If, however, you feel that such an answer was useless, verging on the insulting, even, you might consider several things:
  • In asking for help, what am I asking for help to do. Can I succinctly inform someone of my objective. If the objective is "I am trying to install Linux" you would get a very different answer from if it was "I am trying to wipe my hard disk".
  • In particular, you might consider aspects such as when does this message occur, what have you been doing prior to the occurence of this message, what could have caused a change in the state of affairs from one in which this message did not occur to one in which it does and how much of this information would help someone to diagnose your problem.
  • Also note that if this error always occurs after some particular event, some hint about that would be helpful.
  • While, in general, it can be unhelpful to include either too much or too little context, it ought to be very clear to you, if you think about it, on which side of this divide you are in danger of falling.

Note that people who answer questions here do it for free and if you make it too much like hard work to answer your question, or too unrewarding for the level of effort that needs to be expended, many will not bother.

Aziroshin 02-27-2009 06:52 AM

I am currently experiencing this problem with a machine I don't know much about ( as in that I don't know if the hardware is even undamaged and the likes ). I added in a second stick of SDRAM and all of a sudden it crc halts. There is to say that there already have been problems before that ( kernel panic: attempted to kill init. After loading optimized defaults at the BIOS, that error stopped, however, got replaced by the debian installer telling me that "Choosing a language" failed, allowing me to hit "continue" and then the kernel panics. Even though I doubted that more RAM would help ( after all linux itself and a basic debian system are not known for high memory usage ), I added in aforementioned SDRAM-stick. )

I am mentioning this in order it might prove helpful to someone. I might come back later with further information and alter this post.

sundialsvcs 02-27-2009 09:20 AM

I would say that there is an excellent chance that the motherboard is failing ... or that you have a busted memory-stick.

What I generally do in such cases is to rip the old hardware out, salvaging disk drives and maybe the memory, and replace it with a new board. You need "reliability" most of all, and any time spent " :eek: -ing with it" is just a sunk cost.

Computer Hardware: ... cheap.
Data: ... priceless.

jolphil 02-27-2009 10:33 AM


I added in a second stick of SDRAM and all of a sudden it crc halts.
When ever I install any new Memory and B4 I even start the operating system I test it with memtest for several complete test cycles..Bad memory or memory that the motherboard is not 100% happy with can cause numerous system errors...There are other memory testers but you need something more than the BIOS boot memory count to be sure it will work..
You can google for memtest and either install it on a bootable floppy or even on a CD..

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