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RhettDewey 03-10-2002 11:54 PM

Correct Profile

I have just installed Mandrake 7.0. It automaticaly boots into a GNOME interface. I went into KDE and created a desktop just how I want it and saved the session. When I reboot, it still goes into the GNOME interface. How can I delete the GNOME profile completely and make it boot into KDE?

Thanks in advance,
Rhett Dewey

neo77777 03-11-2002 12:10 AM

Do you have a graphical login screen? If not get gdm or kdm, it allows you to choose what desktop to run upon login, if you use startx every time you boot, I mean you logged in in console and then type in startx, then look at xdm, take a look at man xdm for more info

Thymox 03-11-2002 05:24 AM

If you log into the text console and need to type startx to get into X, then in your ~ directory (home directory) edit/create a file called .xinitrc (in small letters, with a dot at the beginning) and have [/b]exec startkde[/b] or something in it.

RhettDewey 03-11-2002 11:41 AM

I dont have to type startx. It goes into gnome automaticaly and then I log out, get a graphical login screen, choose kde and log in again.

neo77777 03-11-2002 11:52 AM

There is a switchdesk utility that allows you to define a default destop upon boot. In the terminal type

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