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sadafwaqas 05-16-2006 10:46 AM

Copy Protection
I want to protect my running application from piracy. The appliction is being developed in linux environment so i want some control that can issue a license key and based on that license key generation does not allow the application to be copied to different folders or computers. Similary the license on expiry should not let the application run. Can anyone help me on it? How to go about it? Are there any dll in linux like in windows you can read and write to the registry...

Looking forward to early response

Lotharster 05-16-2006 12:40 PM

Copyprotection is very unusual in the linux world.

Regarding the technical details: There is no registry in linux, usually program settings are written either to a file/directory in /etc/"application name" or in the user's home directory (home directory entries are usually hidden, to avoid clobbering the directory with hundreds of files)
However, all of these files can easily be changed by the user, so a copy protection scheme is not easy to implement. Also keep in mind that most linux users are quite savvy and will take such a copy protection as a challenge.

You should also be aware of the licence issues involved. If yu want to apply a restrictive license to your software, you must not use code that is distributed under the Gnu Public License. You may however use the Gnu Compiler.


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