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toreilly 04-15-2004 12:44 AM

contradictory rpm responses
i'm trying to install wine using an rpm file. i su to root, then type rpm -i wine*.
the response is "package wine-20040408-mdk is already installed"

ok, that sounds great, so just to make sure, i type rpm -V wine* and get back:
package wine-20040408-mdk.i586.rpm is not installed

and upon trying to run wine it doesn't seem to be installed. yet whenever i try to install it, it claims to be installed already. i ran into this same situation trying to install gaim, but for some reason gaim is inatalled and working even though it returns the same "gaim is not installed" error

thank you for your time and help,

hazza 04-15-2004 12:54 AM


rpm -Va wine\*

Wildcards don't work with the normal queries.

bigjohn 04-15-2004 03:47 AM

Erm, not sure as it's been a while since I had 9.1, but I seem to recall that there was something in the "errata" about that i.e. telling you that something was installed when in fact it wasn't.

You could have a look at the mandrake site to see if the 9.1 errata is still available, or you could also go into mandrake control centre and make sure that all the updates have been applied. I'd imagine that in theory, all the fixes for that should be there.



beejayzed 04-15-2004 05:47 AM

Try rpm --rebuilddb

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