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david@aber 08-21-2003 03:20 PM

Connection to the Internet
iam using mandrake 9.1. i am trying to build a server for the family to use, the sever's main task will be connection to the internet, e-mail handling and file sharing. before i can proceed with the other tasks i need to connect to the internet and share the connection.

my internet connection is via an adsl modem connected via usb. i follow the intenet and network connection wizard, i have had all sorts of error messsages but it never seems to connect to the internet. i think it is trying to connect via my network card!!

my modem is an alcatel speedtouch usb

please help this is driving me mad

i have used the guides mandrake offers but they give no guide to adsl.


ksgill 08-21-2003 06:44 PM

usb modems= hard to setup in linux. Read the following link, I hope it helps:

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