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Connecting to Time Warner WiFi
I have a Skytex SX-E700 netbook with a Linux system and I cannot connect to my Time Warner home wireless system. It will connect but the IP address is invalid. Time Warner has no idea how to fix it. Has anyone had this problem and figured out how to fix it? By the way -- I can't find any system info on this little netbook and can't seen to get into anything that tells me what it contains. Thank you. (This is my first time ever posting anything anywhere!)

pixellany 06-19-2010 07:59 PM

Welcome to LQ!!

Do you have a wireless router supplied by Time-Warner? More generally, what is the make and model of the wireless access point?

The first thing to check is how the access point is setup. The typical IP for accessing the setup page is, but yours may be different. If you can't figure out what IP to use, the ISP will **definitely** know this much.

Once you get to the setup page, see if the wireless is setup for a fixed IP address or DHCP (dynamic addressing). For most home situations, you will want DHCP. Also on the setup page, you can assign the name and password for the wireless.

Next, be sure that the network setup on the computer matches the setup of the router. 06-19-2010 08:15 PM

Thank you for your reply. It is a Motorola SBG900 Surfboard Gateway supplied by Time Warner. I don't know how to check how the access point is setup. I checked the little netbook and it is set up to DHCP. Time Warner Tech support couldn't get it to connect to an IP address and couldn't figure out which Linux system the computer has. They refreshed the router and it still had an invalid IP. It works perfectly with my HP laptop with Windows XP but not with the Linux.

pixellany 06-20-2010 04:03 PM

Sorry I did not get back to this sooner.

In my first post, I told you how to access the setup page. BUT--you can also check how the Windows machine is set and then use those settings. You need to know the name of the access point, the password (AKA key), and what kind of encryption is being.

The flavor of Linux on the netbook is of no consequence.

Have you tried connecting the netbook using conventional wired Ethernet?

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