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suwandy_chandra 03-07-2004 03:46 AM

Connecting to Internet with Mandrake
I've just intalled my LInux Mandrake 9.2 yesterday, so I have no idea how to get around with the settings and the configuration as yet. I am trying to connect to the internet with a shared internet ADSL connection from a group of Windows clients. We are connected via router. All the other clients are running Windows XP, (including the main client) and mine is the only one with Linux Mandrake 9.2.
How do I set Linux so that I could connect to the internet? I've got myself the DNS address, the username, p/w. What else do I need? How do I set the wizard?

jc80 03-07-2004 03:59 AM

The wizard should be able to configure your settings. It'll come up on the welcome screen when you boot to mandrake. It'll say Configure your settings or something like that. Then go to network settings and launch the wizard. Have you tried that? what happened?

Also try going to the command line terminal and type:
cd /sbin
then type: ifconfig -a

post what you see here.

suwandy_chandra 03-07-2004 04:35 AM

PHP Code:

eth0    Link encap Ethernet Hwaddr blah blah
inet adr 
blah Bcast blah Mask blah
1500 Metric 1
RX packets 
0 errors 0 dropped :0 overruns 0 frame 0
TX packets 
34 errors 0 dropped 0 oerruns 0 carrier 0
0 txqueuelen 100
RX bytes 
0  (0.0 bTX bytes 2040 (1.9kb)
Interrupt 9 Base addres 0x1000

<and some other stuff... > 

That is basically what it outputs. I tried using the wizard yesterday but it still refuses to connect to the internet.

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