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melinda_sayang 08-02-2004 06:09 AM

Connect two Linux box without samba
How can I connect two Linux box ( Slackware 10 and Knoppix 3.3 ) without samba? I know how to change ip address and netmask. I want to transfer files from laptop running Knoppix 3.3 to computer PC running Slackware 10 without samba. How do I do that?

Thank you.

Demonbane 08-02-2004 06:18 AM

If you're going to exchange files between these 2 boxes often you can use NFS.
If you're only going to do it occasionally consider scp, which is already setup if you have sshd running.

iluvatar 08-02-2004 06:20 AM

you could use sftp, wich is a ftp over ssh connection (so your sshd must be running on the server side) or you could use NFS (Network File System), with wich you can create 'shares'. other possibilities are through ftp or even http... it's best to look at wich tools are available on the machines. if you need just one file, sftp is easy (sshd runs standard on the slack at least) but for many files to transfer you should go for another method. for NFS you need kernel support (client && server side). slackware comes with an FTP server, so that's a good option too, I guess knoppix has some ftp client ready...

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masand 08-02-2004 06:42 AM

can we use LISA daemon here
i am not confirmed about it

iluvatar 08-02-2004 06:48 AM

as far as I know, LISa is more some kind of scanner to check what's running on the network. see their homepage for more info. it looks like a handy packages tho it won't serve file transfers.

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binidiot 08-02-2004 07:57 AM


Vincent_Vega 08-02-2004 09:44 PM

NFS is the nicest way. It will make that directory look like it's actually on your computer so you won't need to know any special commands once you set up the shares.
Go to to get a very nice How-To. You'll like it.

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