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LSW 08-14-2005 02:31 AM

Confusing: Accessing Windows Files from Linux
Hi there,

I am a Linux newbie. I have a Windows file server and I would like to setup a Linux server in future. I have read on how to access Windows files from a Linux server. Some said that I need to configure Samba, some said that I would only need smbclient. I am confused now. How do I configure my Linux server to access Windows files?

Thank you so much.

spooon 08-14-2005 03:26 AM

Samba is a collection of programs for Linux (as well as other Unix-like OSs) to allow them to use the Windows file sharing (SMB) protocol.

smbclient is the client program. You can use the Linux smbclient program to access files on other computers (typically Windows machines, but could be Linux or Mac computers running Samba server) that are shared through SMB.

If you want to host Windows file sharing (SMB) shares on your Linux machine, then you need to set up the Samba server. That way, other computers (whether Windows, Mac, or Linux) can access your files through SMB.

LSW 08-15-2005 03:43 AM

Hi Spoon,

Thanks for your reply. If I would only want my Linux to access Windows files (and not the other way round), I only need to set up smbclient, right?

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