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preeth26 05-20-2006 11:10 PM

Configuring Broadcom Wireless Card in Suse10.1
Hi there
I need some help in configuring my Wireless card in my HP Pavilion dv 5000 laptop. The computer has a Broadcom Wireless 4319 chipset which I was able to configure previosuly with Suse 10.0 using ndiswrapper. I just upgraded to Suse 10.1 and now the card seems to be recognized automatically when I do a hardware probe in yast. It says that the card is a Dell Wireless Card but it does mention the correct chipset-Broadcom 4319.

Does this mean that the card and its drivers are already installed? I read somewhere on the web that the native linux drivers are now installed in the latest kernel versions and Suse 10.1 does have the x86_64 kernel version as default.

How do I figure out if the card is duly installed with the proper drivers? If the drivers were properly installed and the card is recognized by the machine, would not the card appear automatically as one of the network devices along with the ethernet card? I am now unable to manually add a wireless card using Yast.

Previously, under Suse 10.0 the solution using ndiswrapper was to use the Windows driver for the 4318 chipset with ndiswrapper and then creating a soft link for the 4319 chipset. This solution was working fine but now it says it is the wrong driver! Is this because the card is already installed in some way, albeit with the wrong driver and as such is not recognized by the system?

Thanks to anybody who can help and my apologies for asking any question whose solution may be self evident to more experienced folks!

masonm 05-21-2006 08:22 AM

What's the output of iwconfig?

lotusjps46 05-21-2006 08:42 AM

When you insert the card, do you get a "Beep---Beep" or a "Beep---Boop"? "Beep---Beep" is "card detected, driver found" : "Beep---Boop" is "card detected, driver NOT found".

Also, try typing "lsmod" in a shell (no quote marks), and post the result here. This will be a list of the modules (drivers) running on your machine. We can google them to see if one is for your card.

Good luck.


preeth26 05-22-2006 09:33 AM

Thank you both for your replies...
Hi there
Thank you so much for your replies. I have fixed the problem. The mistake in the first instance was mine, I assumed that the drivers for the card should be there simply because the hardware details of the built in wireless card showed up when I did a hardware probe. After struggling to get the card to be added to Network devices in Yast, I finally realized that the ndiswrapper solution would in fact work with the Windows driver for the 4318 chipset (I have the 4319 chipset). But I had previously forgotten to create a soft link to the 4318 chipset for my 4319 chipset and as a result ndiswrapper -l was merely returning a 'driver present' response. Once I created the soft link with the latest version of ndiswrapper, everything works fine.

Thank you both for trying to help.

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