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dotee 01-25-2005 11:20 AM

compatible hardware in the UK
I live in the UK. My boss has suggested I install Linux onto my home computer so I can learn to use it (Linux). I am looking to buy a new cheap computer to do this on. My local shop has a Dell 2400 for about 300, but when I talked to them they said that it this was not suitable for Linux because of the graphics card that Dell puts in the computer, and that I needed a higher spec machine. Does anyone know what graphics card I should be looking for, why I need a particular one, and has anyone a recommendation for a cheap Linux compatible machine? I have tried searching the Web but as yet have not found any sites which will tell me what hardware is good with Linux. Please feel free to tell me I have not looked in the right place and point out where that is!

samael26 01-25-2005 11:24 AM

I have a Dell 2400, I run Mandrake 10.1 on it with absolutely no pb so far. I've also tried other live CDs and they have all worked
fine : no pb with the graphics card, except the Debian-based ones like Mepis and Ubuntu. So I advise you to avoid them
on this computer.
Maybe they want you to buy a more expensive box ? Wouldn't come as a surprise, would it ? :D :D

dotee 01-26-2005 12:23 PM

Thanks very much. The one I was recommended from work was Suse (that's one we use quite a lot). Presumably if one version of Linux works on the hardware then they all will?

reddazz 01-26-2005 01:58 PM

Try getting any cheap system with an Nvidia based graphics card. Suse is usually very good at hardware detection so I would definitely urge you to try it out. Not all versions of Linux have the same level of hardware detection or support, some distros are better than others. Personally I believe Mandrake is the best for hardware detection and support followed closely by Suse and Fedora Core.

shengchieh 01-26-2005 05:27 PM


Hardware -> Hardware Compatibility

You need to check the distribution's site to see what works.


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