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newbie_m 01-20-2005 03:02 PM

command runs at prompt not in script

I would appreciate help with the following. It seems that when I run a
command from the command prompt the perl script (let's call this okay.

However, I would like to automate the process so can I put the command into a shell script (lets call this The problem is it seems that the perl script starts to run but then hangs. This script is logging into and then supposed to load a database.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the perl script since I can call it from the command prompt. Also, I have used a shell script to run other perl scripts without problems. So I think I am able to call perl scripts properly.

I think perhaps the problem is that the command line is so long that it wraps to the next line when I am typing (there are a lot of different flags and paramters required to call this perl script). Could this be the cause are there some weird? newline characters being inserted that I can't see or is the cause something totally different?

thanks a bunch!

homey 01-20-2005 03:07 PM

Automatic word wraping when you type doesn't insert a newline "\n" into the code. You could break up the line to make it easier for you to read......
this is a long \
line of code which \
goes on forever.

Might help if you let someone have a look at it.

newbie_m 01-20-2005 03:12 PM


Thanks for your reply. If it's not the word wrapping then what could it be?
I have looked carefully at what I entered in the shell script and what I enter in the command prompt and it seems to be exactly the same thing. I can tell that the perl script starts to run since there is an echo or print line that executes properly but that's it. I suspected the word wrap because I thought perhaps since it had already
start running that perhaps some of the parameters were not being 'communicated'.


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