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knotty 06-09-2003 06:27 PM

Command Line work
Hi, just wondering if working Linux commands via the GUI terminal (Gnome etc.) command line is the same as the regular command line? are they any disadvantages to using the GUI ?


ranger_nemo 06-09-2003 06:43 PM

It's the same, yet different... :)

You can do all the same work. You can also do a little more. If you are just at a console, you can't open Xwindows programs from the command line. You can from a(n) <<insert favorite GUI terminal program here>> session.

One disadvantage might be speed. If you are running a highly cpu-intensive program in a terminal, then it will be losing cpu-cycles to all the other programs associated with the GUI.

There are also advantages to running some things from a terminal/console. You might have scripts or programs that administer your system/network that are easier to run from the command line due to having to enter different arguments after the command. Typing a fast "tar -xzf ~/dow[tab]/new_d[tab][enter]" to untar a newly downloaded /home/user/downloads/new_download-i386-src-1.2.34.tar.gz is a lot quicker than having to open the file manager, click to the file, open it up, and drag the contents out, etc. I know many people who keep a terminal open when they are in Xwindows for just such purposes.

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