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Mhehman 03-11-2005 03:11 PM

Cloning Fat32 Partition - Use Knoppix?
My system's HD came with Windows ME (FAT32, right?) and a logical partition that creates a D: which is designed for "System Recovery". I've previously cloned my entire HD using CloneMaxx. I've also managed to remove the logical partition on the working drive leaving me with a working C: occupying only the original 25GB and about 5 GB of theoretically available HD space. Before I attempt to create a new partition to try out a distro, I want to clone my working C drive to my backup C drive without affecting my backup D "drive".
From what I've seen, it sounds like Knoppix can do what I'm trying to do, and it sounds like a really cool way to go about it. However, because I would be working with my original and my only backup, I need the safest most bullet-proof way to go about it.

short101 03-12-2005 04:31 AM

Welcome to LQ. If you havent played with linux yet, then maybe do it with clonemax, seeing as you are familiar with it, and its important not to get it wrong. Partimage is not that hard to use, but you mention bulletproof and playing with a new os and imaging program will probably end in tears. By all means experiment with it, but I think you should back up with something you are familiar with, so if it does all turn pear shaped, you arent totally out of your depth. Do you have two hard drives? I just got a little confused in your description of partitions.

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