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Jonah86 05-24-2004 10:38 AM

Clearing CUPS print job?
Hello, I'm pretty new to Linux in general so bear with me.

I'm the number 2 (out of 2) computer guy on staff, mainly programming not much network, and the sys admin is off today:( Well, we recently got a new PDC and changed our print system to CUPS (from lpd) and I haven't really had a chance to get friendly with it. I know in ldp from time to time a user would have a print job get stuck and I could take care of that pretty easily. /var/spool/lpd, lprm -Pprinter printjob...simple. Now things are different I can see, and I have a bunch of users getting pretty sore that can't print to our POS Samsung laser printer. So I'm here asking, no, pleading for some help in this matter. Just how do I go about fixing this?? I tried to clear the job from the user in question's windows machine...but that didn't get me ver far, it gave me a "error executing command" error...odd.

So please, any help at all.



phase9 05-24-2004 11:16 AM


You should be able to administarte your printers and print jobs with any web browers with the following url:


But, depending on your distro, this could cause permissions problems and maybe won't work.

If you are using KDE, try "KDE Control Center / Peripheral / Printer / Jobs".

Jonah86 05-24-2004 02:11 PM

Hi, thanks for the reply. I actually though about the conrol panel right after posting. I went to the server and fixed everything without too much trouble.

Again, Thanks a lot for the help.

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