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trilinux 01-27-2009 04:45 PM

Clear or terminate a stalled package installation
How do I clear up an aborted (stalled) package installation ?
I attempted to install hsfmodem (deb) with the package installer. The build failed, but super ubuntu thinks it is installed so it will not let me try again. As directed i ran the suggested terminal command to correct the problem. I am still not allowed to retry, since the system thinks a package manager is still running.

How do I terminate the partially installed package ?

DragonSlayer48DX 01-27-2009 05:01 PM

Which package installer did you use, Synaptic, or apt-get or aptitude from the terminal? If from the terminal, what was the exact command issued? What was the "suggested terminal command" that you used to try to correct the problem?

trilinux 01-28-2009 01:45 AM

I double clicked the package. A package intaller window came up. I guess it was from Synaptic. Entered password. Message: only 1 package mgr. is allowed to run @ same time. Close the other app.

Opened Synaptic. Message: an error occurred.
E: dpkg was interupted.
In terminal, ran : sudo dpkg --configure -a

It ran, and told me what the problem was, but left the problem unfixed.

This is my first posted thread. Please help by tagging for me.

trilinux 01-28-2009 10:21 AM

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