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kapslock 07-11-2004 05:22 PM

Cleaning the system
hi all,
i installed red hat and was installing an application which uses oracle as a part of it and installs it overt the predefined partitions.Somewhere in between the installations i screwed up and want to start over .But before that i wanna clean everything on the partitions as if its just brand new OS installed.,coz else there a re a lot of conflics coming up.Could anybody tell me how i cud clean the partitions to default as to where the system was when i just installed OS with a number of partitions.basically dont wanna format hard drive ,but instead keep my partitions and get rid of the junk in them coz of half installation and start over

Tinkster 07-11-2004 10:33 PM

I believe I asked you before not to cross-post?


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