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Erik_the_Red 06-05-2005 03:29 PM

Clean install from Ubuntu Warty to Ubuntu Hoary
I think it's probably time to just upgrade from Warty to Hoary.

I have partitioned my hard drive as follows:

1. /
2. /home
3. /usr
4. /tmp

Should I simply do a clean install of Hoary instead of upgrading it?

If so, how?

aysiu 06-05-2005 06:37 PM

Here's what I'd do... back up all your data and try a regular upgrade via apt-get.

Then, if that doesn't work, just do a clean install of Hoary. Since you already have a separate /home partition, just don't overwrite it. You know the partitioning part of the Ubuntu install? There's a setting you can have for each partition to either "do not use" the partition or to use it as something. Set your home partition to be "do not format" and mount at "/home." Everything else you can reformat.

Erik_the_Red 06-05-2005 08:14 PM


Unfortunately, being that I am on 56K dialup, an apt-get dist-upgrade would not be practical :)

I will try keeping my home partition intact.

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