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Oklahoma 11-17-2002 02:34 PM

Changing the graphical login screen...
I was wondering if there was anyway to change to login screen background in redhat 8? Right now the graphical login has the redhat default background, and I would like to change this. Im using KDE and i tried changing the background in the LILO config, but nothing happens. Does anyone know if this is even possible?


lcadwell 11-17-2002 06:43 PM

Yes I would say this is possible.

Unless Redhat uses an integrated image file in it's boot process, I would say all you would have to do is find the image file and change it.

I can't tell u any more than that I'm afraid.

Best luck..

acid_kewpie 11-17-2002 06:45 PM

you mean the one that you actaully type the username into? it should be a problem at all, goign to be buried in some kde control centre junk somewhere. i know you can do it directly on the login screen with gdm, but i gues you are using kdm instead. i know there's a program on my system called kdm_config.. try running that.

Oklahoma 11-17-2002 10:45 PM

I've tried running kde_config and it tells may that it is part of a program and should not be run seperately. Is there a way to run that in kde or what? Sorry for the newbness :)

shahriars 06-13-2003 05:21 AM

What you are looking for, if I've understood you correctly, is a change in the gdm theme. Please go to, select Themes>GDM Greeter, choose download the ones you like. Later on, as root, open a console and type gdmconfig, then choose the graphical login section and install the themes. Please note, you need not untar/unzip the themes, they are installed from the gz or bz2 files directly.

Hope this solves your problem.

happy linuxing.

jdev789 03-24-2007 01:44 AM

Thanks shahriars!!!

So easy .... the way it should be!!

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