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Niflheim 03-26-2005 11:30 PM

changing the default desktop in login screen
yeah the default is gnome and i kinda not like gnome you see. so when, by reflex, i type in my username and password then naively hit enter, it loads gnome. how annoying. each time, i have to change the "default session" to "kde session". so, anyway to make kde default?
obviously, yes. i hope so.

yes im lazy.

and i dont mean that i hate gnome. no its nice. with the feet. but im used to kde you see.

anyways, im just so tired
good night
so long, and thanks for all the fish

NeoAndersn007 03-26-2005 11:46 PM

gdm asks me when i switch desktops if it should be the default... so your probly running kdm or maybe xdm. try going in the /etc/kdm or /etc/xdm and search through the configuration files for the default and change it.

mebrelith 03-27-2005 12:10 AM

Right, open as root the fiile /etc/sysconfig/desktop.

To make KDE the default desktop you need:


To make the KDM the default you need:


Hope this helps.

Niflheim 03-27-2005 07:57 AM

it worked! now i save 2 seconds of my life at every startup hihihi :P
oh and euhm... what is the display manage KDM? i fear ive never heard about that.
im in the newbie forum.

thanks to you sirs! :) (or ladies)

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